Due to the pandemic, the athletes of the Olympic and Paralympic Games had to spend their off time in the Olympic Village – far from family, friends, and fans.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) was looking for a way to connect the German athletes with their fans back home. In addition, interesting content was to be created for their social media channels during the Games.

Inspired by the Japanese cherry tree, Sakura, one of the most important symbols in Japan, the Tokyo Tree was created. It is a digital tree that delivers fans’ messages from all over the world in real time to the athletes via mini printers. Powerful in its shape, light in its blossoms.

Multiplex wood and acrylic glass were chosen as the construction materials to ensure maximum stability and a noble surface finish. LED strips connected to the server illuminated the incoming messages.

Below the base is a preconfigured server that connects the Tokyo Tree’s Instagram profile to the printers. Due to the transport and site conditions, all parts of the Tree and the technical components (plug in and go) had to be modular and assemblable on-site.

The Tokyo Tree immediately became a popular meeting place for the athletes. Their interaction with the fans exceeded all expectations and created an exciting and creative interplay of digital and analog media.